'Roadside' for homes ideal for job haters

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Chores at home: you hate it or you can find it. Do you belong to the latter group, then you pick your nose for the new service. For others it may be a solution: the 'Roadside' for homes.


Lex Living is the new service that performs all the chores in your home for 29.95 euros per month. It is a specialized service with 1600 certified service technicians.

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The customer is no longer confronted with travel costs, material costs, hourly or other opaque charges. Lex Lives stems from Main Plus, a company that does the jobs already for five years for communal apartments.

For a fixed subscription price per month, the company carries out repairs for a total portfolio of 150,000 homes in 22 Dutch housing corporations.

All service technicians must have a certificate of good conduct and in addition they receive special training for customer service.


The experience proved so positive that now decided to make this service available to individual homeowners. A trial has taken place among 250 owners was positive over the past six years in the Hague region, and is now following the national rollout.

For nearly 30 euros per month, all repairs and maintenance carried out on plumbing, electricity, drainage, locks, hinges and glass. A customer may three times a month to appeal Lives on Lex.

"Compare it with the normal roadside," says says Wouter van Hove, director of Lex Lives."This ensures that you can continue driving, but does not impose any new tires for your wheels."


Difference is that Lex also procedures that prevent problems, such as removing leaves from the gutter.

All common home defects within the service of Lex. The leaky faucet, broken lock and leaking cistern, to leaky ceilings and roof gutters and electricity and water supply problems.

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