Murder suspect Posbank explains confession

Gepubliceerd op 18 november 2016 om 13:37

The Boekelse suspect Posbank Murder, Frank S. told police that he was responsible for the death of Alex Wiegmink. His lawyer Annette Layendecker confirms that he has made a full confession.


She added that not for the other suspect, Souris R. of Veghel. Both suspects were today remand extended by ninety days. Both suspects are now getting a bit more freedom, they should receive include family visit again and follow media.

On February 15 in the court of Arnhem, a so-called pre-trial, in which the lawyers may say what they want still being investigated. The Ox attorney Frank S. Laeyendecker calls 'the ideal suspect': ,, He will fully cooperate with the investigation. "

The Boekelaar stepped over two weeks ago to the police, after tracing Verzocht again paid attention to the murder in 2003. The motive for the murder remains unclear. ,, It has certainly nothing to do with drugs, "said Laeyendecker. What was it then? ,, I can not say."

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