Missing Brabant girls seen in Marbella

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Femke Lucas and Sam Bruys, the two missing girls from Bergen op Zoom, stay according to the latest data from the police in Marbella, Spain.


The police have received tips that the two 16-year olds are seen there. For security images show Tuesday that they in any case have also been at the airport in Malaga. From there they boarded a bus to the center.

Roosendaal several detectives working on the case. ,, These are two very normal adolescent girls, as far as it seems to have left intentionally. It is a very strange and curious thing that we have picked up immediately, "says spokesman Willem-Jan Uytdehage.

The two are very good friends and sit together on the Roncalli School in Bergen op Zoom.According to police, they are there two standards pupils without appreciable past. To our knowledge they both have no relationship.

According to spokeswoman Cory Lucas of Lucas family, the girls no known 'bad' contacts over the internet. The woman said the family finds it disturbing that the girls did not take their phones. "They have only once before been together abroad. That trip went to Berlin and was organized by the school. When they went on the road together, the family knew there forever." According to Cory Luke girls had no problems. "We have a lot of question marks. So we know the girls at all. They're nice girls socially sit in their own skin. It's worrisome."

The girls both have left at home both their phone and their laptop, something the police will again very remarkable. Currently checked those phones and laptops. ,, But that's really painstaking work, which takes a lot of time. "

Until now gotten far there are three tips. Two tips concerning the whereabouts of the two. A tip from a source within the family, the other people who have seen walking two. The third informant knows to report that the girls are both back in the Netherlands. The police does not consider this plausible, but pulls the tip after.

Security cameras at Eindhoven Airport have recorded the duo Tuesday. They both had just a great Cowboysbag handbag with her. ,, Very little luggage so, "police said.

The fathers of the two missing girls are Wednesday flew to Malaga to find their daughters.They distribute more flyers with pictures of the two.


Tuesday is one of the two still have money pinned in Malaga. The accounts of the ladies are monitored. They still have access to money.

The police also draw hope for the many Dutch staying in the Marbella area. ,, Two of the young Dutch girls that should stand out. We hope they are detected quickly. "As yet there is no reason to suspect that something serious with Femke and Sam is going on.

The Roncalli comprehensive school in Bergen op Zoom is shocked by the loss of the 16-year-old girls Femke Lucas and Sam Bruijs. Secondary school students sit together in class and doing exams this year.

Rector Ludo Shrubs: "This has all of us were very surprised girls, as far as we know, no problems have been the quiet, dear students..."


Angelica van der Heijden spoke on behalf of the families. She is a friend of Femke's mother and is the godmother of the missing teenager. Angelica recognizes her godchild absolutely not the story she so abruptly would have chosen the Hazepad.

,, I know my godson definitely not here. And Sam either. The two best friends here to have an active social life with all kinds of friends. They also have no history of this kind of business. We recognize ourselves here not at all. And we hear back very much over the internet from others who know them. "

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