Meavita case must re blunder Enterprise

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Due to a blunder the Enterprise should re-examine the whole case on the possible mismanagement at the former home-care giant Meavita.


The Supreme Court ruled today that one of the judges who ruled at that time was already retired, so it is not valid. The cost of the preliminary investigation into the policy may be recovered from various directors and auditors.

The Enterprise Chamber ruled earlier that leaders of the health business, including VVD celebrity Loek Hermans, had been guilty of mismanagement. Meavita arose from a merger in 2007. Two years later it went bankrupt a million debt. The board would have taken wrong decisions.

Meavita offered care to the elderly and the chronically ill in The Hague, Utrecht, Groningen and the Achterhoek. It had 20,000 employees and 100,000 clients. The case was brought by trade union FNV. The Enterprise at the time also found that the costs of the preliminary study could be shifted to the policies of the various directors and auditors.


According to the rules decisions of the Enterprise are taken by three judges and two expert members. The Supreme Court notes that one of the judges at the time of the verdict was already retired.

,, A decision points when all the judges who decide the case, have adopted the text of the decision to speak out, '' said the Supreme Court. ,, Once a judge is gedefungeerd, he can not as a "judge" be considered for the purposes of these provisions. '

The ruling had far-reaching implications for Loek Hermans. The then chairman of the VVD party in the Senate was forced to lay down function . Hermans Friday did not respond to the ruling.

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