Police seized by the girl tied to bed

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It's the Week against Child Abuse. Agent Robin Bleijenberg bring out following a shocking experience.


The Rotterdam police officer comes with its gripping story of just a few months ago because he wants to convey a message. Abused children experience the silence of bystanders and the most painful.

It gives them the feeling that they do not matter, nobody cares. Abused children have other people in the area need to notice their signals and take action. ,, Behind every door there is a story, but you never turn to a gut feeling, '' said Bleijenberg (26).

A man comes into the office and give an address where possible tied a girl of three years to bed. The message immediately put goosebumps on the arms of the policeman. There is doubt about the message but Bleijenberg and his colleagues will still take a look.

The house in Rotterdam-Hillegersberg they take the child in her room: indeed tied to her bed with her little arms. She had a diaper containing feces of several days. The officers cut the strings. Bleijenberg must swallow his emotions. At the same time he sees that the girl herself has tied its own cuddly toys. She probably thinks it is normal that it should be.

Her mother is arrested and about 90 days in custody. She appears psychologically wrong.

Foster family
The tragic story has the girl - to the circumstances - a happy ending. The crisis intervention team of Foster Rotterdam takes care of the girl. She sustained relief included in a foster home. ,, I have a 3 year old son, something hits you so enormous, '' Blijenberg looks back. ,, I have a week of running with a bad feeling and remember sometimes to yes. ''

The whole story of Robin Bleijenberg read on www.facebook.com/politiemiddenschieland

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