Corruption customs officer accused in court

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The suspicion of corruption customs officer Gerrit G. (56) from Kwintsheul is today in front of the court. He is suspected of helping in the import of thousands of kilos of cocaine.


G. let himself be bribed by criminals to allow containers full of drugs. The indictment has a total of eleven offenses. Ranging from preparatory acts for the smuggling of drugs to money laundering.

By his arrest Gerrit G. won many drug traffickers in his fall along with it. Dozens of suspects were arrested last year, hundreds of kilos of drugs are intercepted. Gerrit G. worked is made to the section pre-arrival, the department where the selection of containers for examination.This is done in an office on the Laan op Zuid in Rotterdam.

Justice thinks the man has earned barrels with his practices. He lived well from the alleged drug money and fourth - for example - a few times a year luxury vacations in Curacao. He would also there have a house and a yacht. Just before his arrest was G. planning to buy a 1.2 million-dollar home. His arrest the sale fell through.

luxury lifestyle
"What he does do it?" was the question asked by his neighbors himself the luxury lifestyle that Gerrit there with his family preoccupations. April last year, the answer came when a SWAT team invaded his row house in Westland. One in the port intercepted cargo of 400 kilos of cocaine led to G. Gerrit led a double life. He told friends and acquaintances to earn considerable money with Second Hand, the thrift store he ran with his late wife in Rotterdam-Overschie, outside his custom work.

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