New research on air support at Srebrenica fall

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The Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies (NIOD) will this afternoon at half past four announced results of new research on the fall of Srebrenica. Investigated include whether the Netherlands was aware that there was no air support would be given.


The Dutch peacekeepers had prompted when they were under attack by the Serb army in July 1995. The soldiers had to protect displaced Muslims in the village, but could do nothing. As air support was forthcoming the enclave fell into the hands of General Mladic.Eventually led to the massacre of over 7,000 Muslim men.

Additional research
The NIOD did in 2002, even though inquiry into the events in Bosnia, but now comes with additional research. A book by former defense minister Voorhoeve was previously one of the reasons. He suggested last year that France, Britain and the United States had agreed that no bombings would be carried out more, partly because it had led to kidnappings of their soldiers. Voorhoeve stated that the government was not informed of this and this was the reason why their requests for air support were ignored.

Also examined the NIOD or Western intelligence agencies already had prior knowledge of the impending attack by General Mladic in Srebrenica.

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