ACM: pay bill collection agency not just

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Supervisor ACM calls on Dutch claims of collection agencies now check first extended and then pay. The call is part of a new campaign against unfair practices in the debt collection industry


Under the name 'Pay, but only if it's true "wants the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) people defenses against unfair, improper or unfair debt collection.

That incorrect debits are still common, appeared last year of study. Less than a fifth of four hundred by the ACM researched collection letters contained errors. For example, a collection agency with a claim for Euro 2500 count up to 15 percent collection costs.

In 1 in 12 cases, collection agencies exerted undue pressure, for example by threatening powers that they do not have quite as seizure of the bank account or a forced sale of the furniture.

For ACM is the reason now to launch an awareness campaign. The watchdog has started to enforce the rules made in the debt collection industry and recently the first company visits.

,, It is important that consumers take action against false claims, "said Henk Don, board member of the ACM, whatsoever. ,, They prevent damage to themselves. And it also helps to stop unfair debt collection practices, in addition to the actions of supervisors . at the same time I call the collection agencies and take their clients to their responsibilities. "

Which harm consumers, especially for people with low education or low income, is substantial. In total there are 444 companies in our country who are in debt collection activities. There is a branch club, the NSA, where 31 firms are members. Consumers currently have approximately 5 billion euros in outstanding receivables.

,, Even if only in a small case wrong then it goes to a lot of money, "says the regulator. ,, We also see that the problem is industry wide plays and structurally."

On the government site consumers find information about the rules around debt collection. There is also an online collection checker to assess whether a debt collection letter is correct. Further Dutch can calculate using the calculator Collection costs how much collection costs, interest and tax collection agency may charge a maximum.

ACM launches new campaign with fellow regulator AFM, debt NVVK organization, the Consumers' Association, the Legal Counters, Nibud, Fraud Support and Companion in Finance.

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