Research on potentially dubious privélening former police chief

Gepubliceerd op 19 november 2016 om 11:56

The integrity committee of the police may have made a special catches during interrogations in the geldsmijtrel around the Central Works Council (CWC). Someone made an open book about a remarkable service friends of Gerard Bouman.

Naamloos-4197.pngThat report sources within the police and sources around the Courtyard, reports De Telegraaf today. The former police chief would have loaned thousands of euros to Chairman Frank Giltay of the MR. Precisely the man who as chairman of the supervisory body should be an independent thorn in the side of the police force management.

Possible, so researchers believe the police, privélening used for debts that had made Giltay with Bouman provided by police credit card, cover.

By Editors AD: Photo: Reuters

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