Court begins with case Utrecht serial rapist

Gepubliceerd op 21 september 2016 om 14:16

The Court of appeal in Arnhem starts Monday on appeal with the substantive proceedings against Gerard t., known as the Utrecht serial rapist.

Naamloos2-650.pngThe Utrechter got from the Court in Utrecht a sentence of 16 years for four,, unimaginable brute '' rapes. T. finds that he has had a fair trial and went therefore appealed against the conviction.

The rapes in 1995 and 2001 resulted in Utrecht for a lot of unrest. T. ran into the lamp when the police arrested him in 2014 for a bicycle theft. When it became apparent that his DNA match came with DNA from the rape cases. His lawyers have a lot of questions about how the police to the DNA of the man.

The lawyers of t. want Monday the necessary questions. There are also still waiting on an answer research questions. Nevertheless, expect the Court according to a spokeswoman, however, that the case Monday really takes off. Hear the Utrecht possible serial rapist Monday what punishment the prosecution appeal against him.

It is still unclear whether t. Monday itself in Arnhem. It insists that he comes. His lawyers want to make nothing on that. The Court decision later this week or the Utrechter obliged to appear.

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