Rapper JayJay involved in liquidation Bijlmer

Gepubliceerd op 21 september 2016 om 14:23

The Amsterdam rapper Jason ' JayJay ' d. is suspected of involvement in the liquidation of Abderrahim ' Abbey ' Baby.

That confirmed the prosecution in Amsterdam Wednesday after a notice in the newspaper Het Parool. The 23-year-old d. is heard about the liquidation, but not yet arrested. His role has yet to be examined, according to the ORDER.

Baby Kikkenstein on 9 May was shot dead in the flat in the Bijlmer. His name was on a "kill list" of a Utrecht-based gang that liquidations carried out on order. In June, another target of that list, the 45-year-old Ranko s., wound up in the Utrecht Overvecht district.

Thursday begins in Amsterdam the lawsuit over the winding-up gang, that is called 26Koper. It features nine men.

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