To shows weapons liquidation case 26Koper

Gepubliceerd op 22 september 2016 om 10:34

Scorpio Kalashnikovs, machine guns and Glock-firearms.

Naamloos-3366.pngJustice has Thursday morning in the District Court of Amsterdam will be shown part of the weapons, which were discovered during the winding-up search 26Koper.

It is not often that justice real weapons in the hearing room. The lawyers of the defendants from the search for the ' murder ' protester rather against the sample service ' powerplay ' of the ORDER, but the Court was showing yet.

The process against the ten suspects from Utrecht and environs lasts until the end of October. They are suspected of involvement in a criminal organisation, possession of firearms and preparing large-scale liquidations.

By the editor Telegraph: Photo: Telegraph

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