' Masmeijer was brain in coke case '

Gepubliceerd op 22 september 2016 om 13:13

Former NCRV presenter Frank Masmeijer wait formidable opposition in Antwerp cocaine affair, for which he had to prevent yesterday for the first time.

Naamloos-3374.pngThe Belgian justice has incriminating statements, in which he is designated as the Coordinator of the smuggling of 467 kilos of coke. Also phone data at the time of the smuggling are not in his favor, according to the investigation file, partly owned by the associated press.

M.r gets under more to do with the Declaration of co-defendant Marc w., the Manager of a large fruit vendor in the Belgian Lier. "I am threatened by Frank", says w. Masmeijers cousin Yoshi g. close him a leading role. "He told me that I could earn 100,000 euro if I one hundred kilos of cocaine out of the port."

Itself claims to be the ever popular presenter that he is innocent. "I'm here completely ruined with fabricated charges," he told the associated press.

By the editor Telegraph: Photo: MARIO NAP

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