Netherlands have Karemans not to prosecute

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Netherlands have then Dutchbat Commander Thom Karremans not to prosecute for his role in the fall of Srebrenica.


The claim that the Netherlands has examined, is clearly unfounded and must be rejected.

That ruled the European Court of human rights Thursday. Relatives of three victims of the fall of Srebrenica in 1995 stepped to the Court in Strasbourg last October with a complaint against Netherlands. Their lawyers argued that the role of K in the massacre was not properly examined and political pressure was exerted to persecution.

The lawyers also suggested that Liesbeth Zegveld and Tomasz Kodrzycki K and also his Deputy Rob Franken complicit to murder, war crimes and genocide.

The public prosecutor's Office decided not to prosecute because the Dutchbatleiding in 2013 that no blame. The Court of appeal in Arnhem confirmed that verdict last year and also the mensenrechtenhof let it be in position.

It's fine for those concerned that the case is closed, the reaction of the Ministry of defence.

Zegveld, the judgment of the European Court,, sad ''. ,, It is sad for the victims. There's a lot wrong in peacekeeping operations. Also this should never have happen, but no one is settled. With this ruling will no country there think of soldiers that the error in going to sue. ''

The attack on Srebrenica began on 6 July 1995. Karremans asked a number of times to air support. The UN responded more negatively to such applications. The enclave fell on July 11. Killed after Bosnian Serb troops led by Ratko Mladic around the 8000 Muslim men and boys.

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