Panelist BBC arrested for murder in NL

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CJ's beautiful, a former panel member of BBC quiz Eggheads has been detained at Heathrow airport for the killing of a person more than 20 years ago. Reports that Scotland Yard.

Naamloos-3386.pngCJ the beautiful (46), real name Joseph Connagh, would have committed a murder in Netherlands. In his biography he would say that he would have killed someone as possible when he lived on the streets in Netherlands.

The beautiful, which lives in Monmouthshire, said he was a man who approached him with a knife and threw it into a canal in Amsterdam in 1988 struck. He wrote in his autobiography: "he caught me on the wrong day and I turned on." He added:

"I think I killed him. I have no idea what happened to him. " The man who killed it would have been a wanderer. The Beautiful will be tried at Westminster Magistrates Court.

Joseph was a panelist at Connagh Eggheads in 2003 after winning a series of game shows. He was fired by the BBC earlier this year. His English name, CJ the nicely, he participated in in the time he models work did. It was referred to a translation of the English word ' handsome '.

In a video on YouTube Pretty extensively about his time as the CJ talk homeless.

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