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remier Rutte understands that his Cabinet an insufficient gets in the polls. According to him, people feel "too little" that Netherlands has come out of the crisis.


That said, the Prime Minister at the general political Considerations today. In the two-day debate on the Government's plans for next year is today Act two began, after the MPS is now the Cabinet's turn.

Rutte responded to a poll in which the Cabinet a 5.2. "I don't get that rating. We have helped Netherlands from the crisis, "said Rutte on the performance of his Cabinet. "But people feel that too little." He stressed that the plans that are on Prinsjesdag presented "benefit all groups" of the recovery.

The premier is proud that Netherlands better stands for than at the start of the Cabinet. "The reform agenda of this cabinet begins to bear fruit." We are now in a period of economic stability, see Rutte. "That we should not jeopardize security with ill-conceived plans."

Attack on the Prime Minister Rutte was attacked because he according to the opposition on judgment. On the other hand he defends as premier a law that self-employed professionals to strict rules binds, on the other hand, he says that he is actually none of which law should know. The latter he says as VVD Member, thinks Rutte, and as Prime Minister he must defend a compromise. CDA foreman Buma finds that Rutte with this double message shows no responsibility and argues that one clearly as Prime Minister Rutte story should have.

"The Premiership is not some sort of annoying interruption of two election campaigns." According to the citizen understands nothing of this double message Buma: say that you want to delete, but a law there as Prime Minister. "That's one of the reasons that they never trust us."

According to Rutte voter understands very well that a politician sometimes compromises must close and not always can do what that want it. That he has no sense of responsibility, contradicts the premier. According to Rutte is heavy and its function even though it says that he looks nothing has changed in his career, the events over the past few years have brought about some. "Inside I am have changed."


The debate this morning was dominated by political wrangling over figures. Several parties had other truths about who is well on went ahead and who is not (enough). Rutte be alternatives of the hand and continued to insist that the Government now is making sure that all groups there on going forward. Further leveling, such as left-wing parties want, he finds so not needed. "This is worse than the Socialist Party", he said, for example, about the plans of Jesse Klaver (GL).


Prime Minister Rutte still want to negotiate further in Europe about what well should be done with the no vote in Netherlands against the association agreement with Ukraine. He expects, however, that he comes out and that Netherlands will ratify the Treaty. Nevertheless, thinks that the ' no ' camp not rutte will be happy with that result. Even though not Netherlands ratifies, the rest of the EU will continue with the Treaty.


Alexander Pechtold of D66 would like to see environmental impact matters more. In Exchange for that extra tax burden would have to get more workers. Workers getting the Cabinet now less burden than planned, with that money is the purchasing power of non-workers repaired. Rutte fears, however, that with this D66-plan the ' fragile ' energy agreement can be hit, but ended not out there that can be further discussed.

Election debate

The political spectacle is in practice the first election debate because all leaders present and the March elections in sight. The politicians know well that they now have to shine. Who in this debate fails, it starts bad to the long campaign.

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