Cannabis cultivation under control of Government

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There will be a radical change in the cannabis policy in Netherlands. Hemp must now be grown by nurseries which are controlled by the Government. They therefore pay tax. That is, a majority in the lower House.

Naamloos-3395.pngThis is the first time in the parliamentary history a majority to regulate marijuana cultivation. , Netherlands, must again be country guide ', ' says D66-member of Parliament Vera Bergkamp, who on behalf of her party submits a initiatiefwet. She wants the towering costs of the fight against illegal cultivation. ,, The criminal sector is flourishing now. There is risk of fire on an estimated 50,000 places, also in residential areas. ''

The law also makes monitoring the quality of weed possible. 500,000 users in The Netherlands,, now have no idea what they smoke. ''

Permit holders

The core of the Bill is that coffeeshop cannabis purchases of holders ' licence holders ', that the soft drugs cultivation in a closed system and quality checked by the Government. Weed nurseries without a permit are detected and dismantled. Dozens of mayors insisted been here longer, but found no hearing.

Last summer lobbied Bergkamp a Room majority together. Noteworthy is that the labour party against coalition partner VVD takes effect. A folder of Room members Louis Bontes and Joram van Klaveren (mainly) helped D66 to the majority. Crucial was that secret talks between MAINLY-on Prinsjesdag lijsttrekker Jan rose and D66-leader Alexander Pechtold.

The PvdA had doubts long.,, there is now much inconvenience, insecurity and crime by the current policy of tolerance '', says Mp Falah Volp. ,, The Labour Party would therefore like to another system, which is controlled who may grow. We are in favour of the proposal. ''

VolP does consultations on how to control on the weed production is controlled and who pays.

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