Attorney: murder of Edwards cannot have been done by one man

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Tennis coach Mark the j. is the Court in Utrecht on suspicion of the murder of businessman Koen Edgecombe.


During the previous meeting on June 27, he denied to have committed the crime. ,, Since my arrest, I am innocent, '' he said when fixed. His lawyer made clear this morning that he is based on multiple, other offenders. ,, Everything in the House is done, not by one man. "

The Prosecutor shall, during the pro forma session this morning that there are a number of things still unclear. Thus, the data from the pedometer on Marks telephone not match his statement.

According to the j.-at that time coach of tennis player Robin Haase-he was around the time that Edwards was dragged out of his car and put in the back and killed. He got a hat over his head and he heard people are car.


What who have done know The j. not because he could see nothing. For its sense are ' kidnapping ' lasted about ten minutes, it is clear from statements by him. There has since been a reconstruction at the House of Edwards in Bilthoven are held, to see if the allegations can add up.

According to prosecutors, the tennis coach Edwards deliberately began stabbed to death. On a knife was the dna of Mark. He states that itself because he was visiting the whole evening and that previously used knife in the kitchen. Also, the j. a very expensive watch and a phone from his victim stolen. The watch is later found at the sister of the j. in house, where she had hidden it. Also a blood trail of Edwards in the car of the tennis coach found. The j. was having serious gambling debts at Edwards, the public prosecutor's Office.

The lawyer of the j. says that it still has to do a lot of research and therefore in doubt he or the case in February in terms of content can be treated. According to Mark the j. on the evening of the murder he went around 23.00 hours away and stood there on street corner someone to call. Lawyer Hamdi wants investigation be carried out. ,, We want to find the real perpetrators of the murder to save something from Marks career. "

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