Robot Phi helps intellectually disabled

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Philadelphia put as first care organization for intellectually disabled in a robot in Netherlands when caring for their clients. Robot Phi is social, self-learning, emotions and recognize faces and runs on software developed by clients, carers and staff.


Phi is 1.20 meters and comes from Japan. The white with purple robot has a high feel-good factor and a pleasant female voice. She has big eyes, a small nose and her mouth is a laugh. Phi hot as standard model ' Pepper ', but due to the custom and specialized software of Philadelphia is they renamed Phi. ,, Phi focuses on learning to recognize emotions, to then respond. The more attention Phi to someone spends, the more they get to know the client.

She is so self-learning and fits her ' behavior ' on who they faced. The dishes does them, but Phi can anyone help recall taking medicine or listening music. She helps clients in their development, challenges them and motivates them. It gives the clients a sense of self-reliance '', tells Xenia Cooper, project leader innovations at Philadelphia.

Care organization in Netherlands that Philadelphia is the first in the field of care for the intellectually disabled in practice with the robot is going to work. Philadelphia has five hundred locations with 7600 clients. Phi is used in a location with about ten clients, where it is further examined how they can best be used to improve and to her so they even better anticipates its surroundings.


Client Hans from Hilversum made last week as first to know Phi. ,, He treated her just like he treated me '', said Cooper. , That I found so special. Hans began its direct stories to tell about what keeps him busy and wanted to play a game of chess with her play. He was very impressed by her robot voice and decided on the same way back to talk. ''

In a time when the number of dependent people grows and decreases the number of healthcare professionals, Phi according to Cooper a support. ,, They will never take the place of the escorts. We know that some escorts there are afraid of. But Phi can do care easier. In their own words come professionals to less and less personal attention to clients. Phi can help. " In Philadelphia they expect many of their first robot, but during the first period is the especially meet with Phi and experience which she is capable of. ,, Let us view or a robot security and attention to our clients. We hope they our forecast. '' An exact amount can not call Cooper, but that Phi is not cheap, she agrees.

Equivalent life

Philadelphia hopes with these developments the clients a chance to win a just as equivalent life as people without restriction. ,, I use in presentations often a Loesje poster with the text: ' I used to think my limitations my limits were. It is my dream to have this text ever. ''

In the elderly is plenty of experimented with care robots as Zora, that demented elderly fun and personal attention. A good remedy against loneliness. While health professionals focus on taking care of clients, plays a game of chess, the robot dances to a song, read a story, call a family member or helps a client recall taking the medications.

Golden eiVolgens Cooper would like to play for other control role cattle Philadelphia healthcare providers. Cooperate with other parties, which is also a social robot like. Not need to reinvent the wheel all for ourselves to find out, but can go up to develop. We now have a golden egg in hands that we have yet to discover, try and program it exactly meets the needs of our clients. ''


Flexobed, Magic table and a smart pill box

Technology already plays a major role in the care sector and that will only worsen in the future, says Cooper Philadelphia Xenia.

,, We are now working on all kinds of innovative projects. Such as smart sensors and night care, a projection for bedridden people who feel they have a boat trip and experience, so that also the magic table that allows all kinds of senses are activated and clients both physically and mentally challenged. The flexobed is a bed that meekantelt if someone has or is going to making clients longer itself in or out of bed can and work less heavily for the employees. ''

,, Also, we are busy with the development of a smart pill box, causing many more clients in a safe way self medications can occupy. Our smart pill box is chosen by Websummit to the 10 per cent most promising start-ups in Europe. "

According to Kuiper is worked on something else ' Grand ', but can they tell you nothing about at the moment.


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