Anger over change class schedule: I felt me up

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Thousands of primary schools are working to change the class schedule. That encounter resistance from parents. At interests angry parents knocking almost daily to Education Parents &.


Many elementary schools struggling with the course times. For example, they consider a continuous lattice, where the students stay in school between the afternoon and earlier are out, or a five-match-day roster. Investigation showed last year that nearly half of the elementary schools has thrown overboard all the traditional class schedule.

On lots of other places consider directorates the plunge. Problem is that parents never all behind the choice, or the grid now changes or not. ,, Yes, the flame hits ever in the pan '', acknowledges Petra van Haren, Chairman of the General Association School leaders (AVS).


Notice that the parent representative Parents & Education discussions regularly complicated, because the schools the procedures are not always carefully. Hang parents almost daily on the phone to complain to. The tight family schedule comes in a fix if the school the class schedule changes.

Parents need to pay more money, because all of a sudden their child between the afternoon required at school. Or they feel passed over during the whole procedure. Should a parent consultation,, schools do, but the law says nowhere how that should look like ' ', explains Director Peter Hamza.


In practice schools often surveys among the parents. But when Parents come reports that, for example, parents Education & a ' yes ' vote, while they have not at all filled in questionnaire. Or that a majority of parents at a new grid is, but the school still continues because the Community Board (mr) do agree.

The parent representative on the mr'en want to better support schools and advise. Hamza:,, it is much needed to be aware of all applicable rules and the themes that play around the school. But they do represent all parents, on all the different topics covered in the school. ''


Often think the parents of children in the upper groups else about new class schedule than the parents of young children. That notes S Sahai, of consulting firm ,, As a parent consultation almost 50/50 is, we split the results always forward to lower and superstructure. We see that a large majority of the substructure parents for change is, we recommend the school to go through. They are your future parents. ''

It happens sometimes that parents get their child from school when times change. But according to experts, that exceptions. ,, Their entire life is equipped. Sometimes his parents really angry and there is time to restore the relationship. But you'll also see that new parents come to the school, because they want to '' do other times, notes Of hair.


In Warmond was born the friction around the introduction of a continuous lattice. At the school of Kizzy Degrijse's son a majority of parents voted for the new class schedule. But when she was asked whether she was willing to pay for, she replied No.

Still got Davis around the introduction of the continuous lattice an account of 70 euros per year for the left over from her son. ,, I refuse to pay. My son takes themselves are lunch and here I have never agreed to. It's never known what other parents there have said. I felt really framed. ''

Not required

A good example of how it can go wrong, will find Parents & education. Because schools may not require parents to pay money for lunch if they have a continuous lattice. Hamza:,, the mr has also a task. To ensure that a high level of compliance with the law and parents do not lose out. ''

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