Belgian Prosecution calls for 27 years in prison against Robert K.

Gepubliceerd op 23 september 2016 om 14:16

The Belgian public prosecutor demands 27 years imprisonment at the Amsterdam Robert K. A jury had sixty Thursday during a trial in Tongeren been found guilty of manslaughter in his landlord, Mathieu Henkens, 2013.


K. rented a studio Henkens Maaseik in the Belgian Limburg village. The men had a history of cannabis cultivation and got into an argument about money. According to K. was his landlord him 150,000 euros guilty. Henkens threatened in turn to turn K. house, allowing K. lose his benefit in Belgium.

K. Henkens killed with 29 stab wounds and six hammer blows. ,, I have slain him, but I did not kill him deliberately, '' K. said yesterday in court in Tongeren. The prosecutor is convinced that it was murder and called it ,, totally absurd "that K. claims not to have wanted to kill him. The jury, however, was no premeditation.

After the argument of K.'s lawyer this afternoon determined the final punishment. Robert K. was previously convicted in Belgium to community service and jail sentences for drug offenses.

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