"Banga List 'leaked with Groningen students

Gepubliceerd op 23 september 2016 om 16:25

A so-called banga list ended up on the Internet with Groningen students. The list includes 23 female students with address, phone number and photo. Presumably, the list is created by members of student Vindicat.

Naamloos-3419.pngGroningen blog Sikkom got the link to the list sent yesterday. ,, Anonymous tip in the inbox: "This seems to be Vindicat how they treat their female members. Name, surname, photo and phone number. ', "Said one of the bloggers.

The link refers to an online almanac with information and photos of 23 students. "Year 2016 will include graced by its large number of deer hot ', it says on the cover of the document named Sincere Almanac. Each student has their own page, with a checkbox at the bottom. There is a ranking of the bedprestaties of the lady in question on the basis of stars.

The board of Vindicat is surprised by the list. ,, We are very shocked by the publication, "said a spokesman. ,, This is done behind our backs, and neither the board nor the almanac committee were aware of its creation." Vindicat therefore shall investigate and hold an emergency meeting this afternoon to look at the next steps.

Meanwhile, the association has also contacted the concerned students. ,, As soon as we learned of the list, we have created with our girls and discussed them. Protecting their privacy is at present in the first place. "Several women have already put out their phones, because of the large number of annoying phone calls since the publication.

Sexy video
It is not the first time that Vindicat makes the news. Previously leaked already hazing photos from and landed a sexy video on the Internet.

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