OM will stack indictments discrimination not cleared

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Minister Ard van der Steur (Security and Justice) go with the Prosecution discussing the pile of discrimination declarations where prosecutors do not come to it. ,, It is important that action is taken against discrimination '', said the minister.


Yesterday it became known that the judiciary can not handle the number of reports of discrimination. Only a quarter of the declarations covered by the OM, as research showed RTL News.

,, Serious cases must of course be addressed with priority. At the same time, it is clear that it has become much easier by the social media to do discriminatory content. That means there are a lot of things. I'm good with the public prosecutor about talks '' said Van der Steur.

Do declaration
His colleague Lodewijk Asscher (Social Affairs) has announced that it is very important that people continue to return, but also that it often leads to persecution. ,, For me it goes up. We go there in the cabinet are sure about, '' says Asscher. As far as he is also heavily punished.

The government therefore calls everyone to do especially declaration discrimination in social media. The Prosecution has announced to NIS: ,, The police need to find a suspect before it can be passed to prosecution. Until a suspect is can not investigate the matter OM screen. ''


Also, immigrant students who do not receive internship by discrimination must always report said Mr Jet Bussemaker (Education) today. ,, Their schools must make serious efforts. ''

Training companies which have come to discriminate easily get away,
The minister wants to increase the willingness to address discrimination training. This school year there are training sessions in five cities where secondary vocational school and learn to recognize the staff discrimination. Bussemakerhuis also thinks anonymously apply for an internship, but first wait for the results of projects which anonymous applied for a regular job.

When immigrant youths once found an internship, the chance that they can then act on the employer as large as that of indigenous vocational students. Companies that discriminate lose the status of training company. They can no longer use trainees.

Research shows that young migrants have to work harder to get an internship than native peers. It is mainly about girls wearing headscarves and young people whose employers think they are 'at risk'. Concerned students and schools prefer to go looking for another internship, then they raise the discrimination.

,, Training companies that make consciously or unconsciously discriminate on the door on the basis of color, creed or origin must be held accountable and, if that is not enough, be addressed. Internship Discrimination is unacceptable, '' said Bussemaker.

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