Patients Federation furious over premium increase: ' cold shower '

Gepubliceerd op 27 september 2016 om 10:25

Patients Federation Netherlands is upset about the announced premium increase of care by health insurer DSW with nearly 10 percent. The Government said on Prinsjesdag, the increase would be only 3.5%.

Naamloos2-662.png"A cold shower '', said the patient Association." All purchasing power calculations assume a rise of 3.50 euro. This is three times as much. That purchasing power calculations are so nothing worth more ", says Director Dianda Veldman.

Health Minister SA is not to respond to the care premieverhoging announced. "Just like previous years, we will not always on the individual premium-notices of the health insurance companies react. We wait it off to all premiums are known ", let the Minister know.

By the editors RTL News: Photo: REUTERS

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