We are increasingly spent on housing costs

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Dutch spend more on cost of living than being responsible Nibud. We also spend a greater proportion of our income than Germans or Frenchmen.


That says BPD (formerly Bouwfonds) in a report published today.

We spend an average of 37 percent of our income on housing, with two percentage points over three years ago. Nibud assumes that this can be up to 33 percent; in addition, the proportion of housing costs irresponsible. Germans sit well at that level, while French amount to 35 percent.

Tenants even more expensive

People who rent, are more expensive, so it seems. Tenants typically spend 41 percent of their income on housing. That's because in recent years, mortgage rates have declined, while rents rose just often.

Rents rise in the private sector, particularly in the Randstad, especially in Amsterdam. In the second quarter, the increase was 6.2 percent , compared with a year earlier.

Housing prices continue to rise

Meanwhile, the rise of sale housing prices. There are more and more homes sold, at ever higher prices. This is partly because stagnant construction of new houses.

The coming quarters the pressure on the housing will only grow, recently emerged from the RTL Z Houses Index .

"Growing gap tenants and homeowners'

House prices have risen, in part thanks to this government. They have ensured that the rent could rise faster and parents were allowed to give more to their children, told RTL Z stock market commentator and economist Hans de Geus recently: growing gap between rent and slave owners .

'' That has a disruptive effect on society, '' he said. He has a solution, a very high inheritance tax. '' That's very liberal '.

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