Mother writes emotional letter to crashed Mees (12)

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The mother of Tit Knight (12), the boy from Nijkerk which a week ago was killed after he was hit on the bike by a concrete truck in Wells, has written an emotional open letter to her son.


The parents are grateful for the massive compassion, the mother wrote in the letter, published on a blog .

"You're our guy, but you're also from everyone. Even complete strangers about your writing, or write to us because they sympathize. For us you have always done, but it is whether you are in the world to matter us too. Wow.'

Volunteers helped in the dairy of parents to milk the cows. "All the cows are milked and if not without a fight went they helped each other. Like the silage of corn annually which is a good project. Many men rolled up their sleeves and gave him kick ass. "

Mees' mother describes the impact of the loss within the family. 'Fay and Meri miss you so much. Both in their own way. Their grief carved into it. But they also play through again. There you take dad and I are an example. We cry, grieve, and move on again. "

The mother also reflects on the sorrow of Mees' classmates and teammates. "Your class, but I'll also say that for more classes Groevenbeek money has become much closer. Together they mourn. Together they bring you every hour to another room in the shape of a candle and photo. Together they make a movie in memory of you, hold a thanksgiving service and launch a campaign to win a shirt Messi where you were such a huge fan of. And honestly, they have still succeeded too! Which had a top class you are. "

"At Sparta they weld on the day all workouts on Monday and your funeral will be held a minute of silence at each event. Flags at half-mast and the first plays with a mourning band in Genemuiden. However, your photo also lives big on the scoreboard. Chills down my spine. "

"Male male. I lost you, awfully lost "close Mees' mother off. "I had so many photos you want to insta. So much had to wash for you. I wanted to know what would be. I had ... I wish nothing. I lost you.'

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