Police find DNA from father foundling Larense Street

Gepubliceerd op 4 oktober 2016 om 10:47

The police abandoned the father found the girl last September was placed in Laren in The Hague. However, he has no idea who is the mother, the police said.


The girl was left a year ago on the doorstep of a married couple in Laren in The Hague. The couple that night just come home from a day at the neighborhood association when it was knocked.

The couple opened the door and saw no one standing - but are a newborn girl in a cloth, with a white hat with bear print, white hooded jacket, striped trousers and a bright green nipple. A short note with scratchy handwriting - 'in broken Dutch' told the couple that the mother already had two children and could not provide a third party.


Since then, the police is looking for the parents of the girl. The note , clothes, notable features of the baby, everything was investigated.

The DNA of the child is examined, which led to a breakthrough, the police reported this morning. Through this research is the identity of the father known. Because he was changing contacts, but he does not know who the mother, he told the police.

Also, several times called attention to screening programs and Investigation Requested. Tonight the police make a renewed attempt to find the mother by a call via television Investigation Requested and Team West and also through Heart of the Netherlands.

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