90-year-old prefers road trip over chemotherapy and dies after 21,000 kilometers

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When Norma Bauer Schmidt last year heard she had cancer, she did not have to think. The US did not exhaustive chemotherapy and other treatments. Just before her deceased husband Leo and myself she tapped all the 90 at.


The old woman chose the most out of her life and got into a camper. The doctor did not stop her. ,, As doctors we see the daily reality of cancer treatments, '' he said. ,, You are doing exactly what I would do in this situation. Have a great trip. ''

Together with her son, his wife and their dog Bauer Schmidt traveled then criss-cross through the United States.

The Facebook page who kept the trio was a hit. On Driving Miss Norma was to see how 'Miss Norma' happy driving a convertible, how a Go Pro tries and how she ends up in her wheelchair at the nicest spots.

The three visited thirty states and the old woman flew in a hot air balloon. After a year and 21,000 kilometers traveling wrote them on Facebook in August: ,, we all learned so much in the last 12 months of life, care, love and embrace the present. It does not matter where we are, as humans Norma ask where her favorite place is Norma answers here. "

Miss Norma died on September 30 in Washington state at the age of 91. Her daughter Ramie Liddle tells The Washington Post that it was not a sad farewell. "We have found that this is not a sad story. There is nothing to a sad. She has exhausted every last gram of her small body, and has been in life until the last moment. "

By Editors AD: Photo: Norma / Driving Miss Norma

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