'Filling Sacks European politicians must stop'

Gepubliceerd op 5 oktober 2016 om 10:32

Europe must be much stricter for bijbeunende former Commissioners. Helping with sometimes totally erroneous and highly paid appointments in commercial business the last bit of credibility of Europe soap.

Naamloos-3505.pngAs committee chairman Jean-Claude Juncker still watching how he deals with the stinking legacy of his predecessor, José Manuel Barroso, draws a white-hot and roaring Parliament all red lines now.

The cooling-off period for former Commissioners (the period in which they are allowed to go to business after leaving without permission) have a half at least three years. They also need to be much more selective in what they address (no 'bad' companies) and Brussels itself has much stricter control, according to an overwhelming majority in Parliament yesterday.

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