What should happen to the art of the Crimea?

Gepubliceerd op 5 oktober 2016 om 10:45

What should happen to the artifacts from the Russians annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, which the Allard Pierson Museum has under his wing for two years? About the court in Amsterdam bows today.

Naamloos-3509.pngBoth four museums in the Crimea and the Ukraine state claims the objects, which in 2014 were part of the exhibition 'The Crimea - Gold and Secrets of the Black Sea "in the Amsterdam museum.

During the exhibition divided the Crimea after the annexation by the Russians away from Ukraine, which the museum decided to send anything back until it was clear to whom the art belongs now. Then drew the four museums in the Crimea, which lent the objects, a procedure against the cultural institution. The state Ukraine followed, because it thinks that the objects are state property and therefore belong to Kiev.

The Allard Pierson Museum wants the property, including inter alia a golden sword scabbard, a ceremonial helmet and countless jewels, returned to the owner. The museum speaks of ,, particularly complex '' and wants to prevent the other party submits a claim is transferred as the precious collection to one of the plaintiffs.

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