Bodies couple Cuijk not found under floor salon

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Trace Cuijk to more than a quarter century missing couple, did not return. There are no indications that their bodies are hidden under the floor of a building in the Hague Street in the Brabant place.


The couple Jan and Riet Cellars disappeared on September 22 1989 trace. A cold case team took this summer indications that they are below the floor of their former home, but they have not been found despite the use of modern equipment.

In August, studied the soil with special equipment. The results asked for additional investigation, the spokesman said. Since Monday, the police started digging under a garage on the site of a hair salon in Cuijk looking for the bodies of the couple, to no avail.

New research
,, The investigation into the disappearance continues, "said a police spokesman. ,, We do not rule out that new research is in the same plot." He did not say in connection with the investigation or the police suspects has in mind.

The 'organ pair "as they were known in the neighborhood, had an argument with their only son over his planned wedding. But there was never any evidence that he has something to do with their disappearance.
The pair was left to England, but there are quests completed over the years nothing.

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