Alberto suspect rigged Gala Televizier Ring

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The AVROTROS reacted with surprise to some tweets from crime and investigative journalist Alberto Stegeman (45) on the Televizier Ring Gala, which takes place next week. Stegeman was approached to record a promotional video, but trusted the thing out. Misinterpretation and also very regrettable, says the AVROTROS.


,, Just called by employees of the gala and I want to encourage Penoza screen. So therefore works! '' It sounded somewhat revealing. And then: ,, Employee gala Televizier ring belt again. was not intended that I would tweet about it. ''

According to AVROTROS, which broadcasts the annual event Thursday from the Heineken Music Hall, it is a movie where Stegeman a Ring-nominated success wish. In this case it was the cast of the successful crime series Penoza.

,, In the final minutes before the winner is announced, there are celebrities who want their fellow programmers success '', explains a spokesperson from the site. ,, The editors liked Alberto Stegeman (appearing among others in Undercover in the Netherlands, ed.) Match Penoza for its link with the underworld. ''

No surprise
Stegeman gave "no" on the petition. ,, That is his right and not at all bad, but after his tweet is off the surprise of the film. ''

The sender agrees that Stegeman was called back by the employee. ,, We do not mind that he does not want to cooperate, but we think this is very unfortunate. ''

It is still unclear whether the idea of ​​encouraging film remains.
,, We have to consult on. ''

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