Older Candidates must 'leaflet' send

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Unemployed people over 50 should be able to send information to their application on the benefits of older workers for employers.

Naamloos2-743.pngMinister Lodewijk Asscher (Social Affairs) intends to arrange this. There are now all kinds of schemes whose bosses are not aware.

So employers can receive a mobility bonus if they accept a 56-year-old with a pension. They can also get compensation if the worker becomes ill.

D66 suggested previously to send some sort of leaflet stand with the application along with an explanation of these beneficial actions. VVD and PvdA wanted to apply something similar with a newly developed app for digitally. Would then job seekers can leave their CVs show what the financial benefits for employers.

Good ideas
Asscher calls it "good ideas." ,, Often people over 50 are not even invited for interview based on their age. But if employers see what arrangements are there, get job seekers maybe again a fair chance. '' Asscher let you know how he is going to work out the plan before the end of the year. He also looks at whether the duty to seek for job-seekers can be deleted if anyone should nearing retirement.

In an expansion of the safety net for older unemployed, he sees nothing. The CNV argued yesterday in this newspaper that called IOAW benefit to be accessible to more people over 50, if they end up on welfare and have to eat their house.
Asscher: ,, I sympathize with this group, but expand the safety net is very expensive "" Well he is still in talks with CNV foreman Maurice Limmen..

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