"We're going to finish roasting and from top to toe '

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The Public Prosecutor (OM) for threatening Telegraph journalist Bart Mos community service requirement of 120 hours against the fugitive online journalist Micah K. Moss was years ago told among other things that he could expect a bullet through his head ' and would be 'finished'.


Journalist Bart Mos had to do in the distant past with K, who wanted Moss would write about all kinds of things in the Telegraph.

During the hearing Moss was heard as a witness. He said he was attacked at that time with great regularity by K. They called him often to scold him and to wish all kinds of diseases. According to journalist Moss was reached when the accused told him that he would be killed, a bullet in his head and that he could expect "head to toe" would be roasted.

K. has previously been convicted for threats but appealed. The session was chaotic today. The fugitive and to Ireland went online publicist claimed through his lawyer Thijs Stack a Skype connection to the courtroom to ask questions Mos. The Court of Appeal refused resolutely because K. had every opportunity to come himself, but chose not consciously. K. dares to own say no more to the Netherlands. He must give up his DNA by a previous conviction and is afraid that the government "will link to murder him.

The Court did accept playing a video message to the audience. In that message K. compared himself to whistleblower Julian Assange. He also wondered why so many people still do report against him. The prosecution responded by saying that K. before once again "had to look in the mirror."

The OM Micah K. has been guilty of threats to a serious crime and he has done a reprehensible attempt to hinder a journalist's work. The 120 hours of community service, half of which were suspended, according to the OM despite the fugitive character of the accused be carried out just fine. ,, Mr. K. will be given the opportunity to perform in the Netherlands, '' said the prosecutor.

K. The lawyer brought in what he terms the principal never had the real fear him what could be done. He also pleaded for an acquittal of death threats.

Micah K. was by the previous conviction for threats expelled by the Dutch Association of Journalists (NEY). In 2015 he was given ten months in prison for libel imposed to address NIS chief Marcel Gelauff. That case is still on appeal.

The Court shall rule over two weeks in threat case.

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