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This is the plan of Mark Rutte. About how to proceed with the Netherlands. What Do You Think? We would like to know. Send your response max. 300 words to brieven@ad.nl. We publish an anthology in the newspaper tomorrow.

The next step. My ambition, my plan


You can not build a house on sand. And a country not at all. That is why I said in 2012 that it was my main task to get out of the crisis the country stronger. We had the foundation, the base, get back in order. Thanks to the efforts and sacrifices from all of us is that successful. That was not always easy and we have all felt.

We all know someone who lost his job; maybe you had it myself. We all saw that in shopping more and more stores were vacant. And relocation plans were postponed. But when I look at how things are going now, I'm just very proud. Proud of all those Dutch who are not tucked away, but have put their heads in the wind and, perhaps sometimes out loud grumbling, have continued to make something of it.

It was not always easy to find our way through the storm, but we have achieved a lot. Nobody takes us off more. The budget deficit and public debt that hung as long as a dark cloud over our heads, we got under control. That sounds like a far-from-our-bed-show, but it is important for jobs, healthcare and education. Our economy is growing again, almost the fastest in Europe. That means it is getting better with small business owners and more and more people find jobs.

By increasing the retirement age, we can continue to pay the basic pension in the coming years. We managed care and well and keep it affordable. We have ensured that more people turn to buy a house and there is an apartment for more people. We have been given the influx of refugees under control. We made our country safer. There is less violence on the streets and there are fewer burglaries.

We have just shown that it's not about how big a country, but how the residents. We are the country that we have thanks to all those wonderful people who put their shoulders are always under and just go for it.

Now all the benefits
We're not done yet. I have not finished yet. I want to take the next step with the Netherlands. In order to get done, there is still a lot to be done. I want to build on the foundation we have laid over the years. I want to do everything to ensure that we protect what we have. I want to keep the Netherlands safe. I want the system works for the people and not vice versa. I want simply Netherlands remains a fine and pleasant country to live in. I want to live for all of us, step by step, make better.

My ambition was in recent years to get from the Netherlands severe crisis. My ambition for the next four years is that we will all reap the benefits. We all really start to feel that it is better. Before that, I have a plan. I would like to further strengthen the base and by building Netherlands. And we do both. At the same time.

Protect what we have built and further strengthen the base
A house can not be built on quicksand. Therefore, we have in recent years all together worked so terribly hard. We have been working to lay the foundation. We should cherish and protect. We must continue to work on a number of points certainty. We do this by strengthening the base lies. That I'm going to do through to get going with those things that we all worry about in our daily lives.

Think of pensions. At this moment people are too concerned about their pensions. About how much they save now. About what it is worth soon. And what they have built exactly. I believe we all these questions as much as possible to give clarity.

Or look at healthcare. We continue to get the very best care now and in the future? We wonder if we can still choose yourself which doctor we go. And we can continue to pay it? Everyone deserves the best care. I want it to stay that way. And what about caring for our parents? That is simply too many places in our country is not good enough. That can not, so I want it to be anywhere as good as the very best in nursing homes.

And refugees. We have temporarily taken many refugees. But how do we ensure that refugees, which again can be used as home safely returned really go away? Because we can not give everyone a real future in our country. Or safety. Thus we must take risks. A fine and lead secure lives in the neighborhood where you live is the most important thing there is. There is less broken and there is less violence on the streets. But that does not mean that it does not happen and that we also feel that way. We must therefore continue to work on.

And then there is the threat of a terrorist attack. It all happened in Brussels, Paris, Nice. In the Netherlands not happy yet, but it's awfully close. That in the future remains so, I can not guarantee. You expect it from me that we do everything to avoid it. Therefore I fully support all those people in the Netherlands that there day and night work and that the coming years have enough manpower and money to do their work.

I agree with all these points to work. To protect what we have. And even better yet what is not working well enough. To provide security where possible. So that we can all be doing our own future. In our own way.

By Building on a solid base
The Netherlands is a special country. Small is a leader in many areas. I want us as a small country to stay ahead. Special things continue to do, invent, invent and create. Things that are known worldwide. But above all to ensure that our lives here step by step better. Therefore, I think to open the door key to the future. We continue to build on our base.

Netherlands has the potential to be a country where everyone benefits from the great changes through new technologies. There is need for some. We must make room for experimentation with techniques of the future. For example, in the area of ​​sustainability. Not with household garden and kitchen-tinkering a bit with hobby, but with serious innovations contribute to new and different ways of producing. That's one good for the world and for our economy, for our jobs. Therefore I find important to continue investing in innovation and knowledge.

By Editors AD: Photo: ANP / AD Ruben Oppenheimer

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