Stolen works of art to see you again in Westfriesmuseum

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The five paintings stolen from the West Frisian Museum in Hoorn are starting to see again today. The paintings, which have become severely damaged, are exhibited in the condition they were found.


The recovered paintings are this afternoon brought by truck to the Red Stone, the square in Hoorn where the museum is located. After that, the paintings will be brought festive and are presented under the guidance of theater and music to the public.

The museum is closed this day for visitors. From tomorrow until October 16 the paintings can be seen free of charge. The paintings are displayed exactly as they are found in Ukraine, so that visitors can experience what have withstood the paintings. A screen above the work shows them to their original state.

Precious restoration
The paintings are until Sunday, November 13 on display at the museum. Afterwards we started the restoration. It is estimated that it costs 100,000 euros, but the museum does not have the money to pay it.

Among the works are Woman World (1622) and Return of Jephthah (1625) by Jacob Waben, Kitchen Piece (17th century) by Floris van Schooten, Peasant (1671-1675) Hendrik Bogaert and Neuve in Hoorn (1784) by Isaac Ouwater. The paintings are part of a collection of more than twenty paintings that were stolen in 2005 from the West Frisian Museum. In April, the paintings were recovered in Ukraine after a secret operation.

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