Russia warns US not to attack Syrian army

Gepubliceerd op 7 oktober 2016 om 12:26

Russia threatens to use military force against the United States (US) as the Americans statements of the Syrian government army where Russian troops are present, bombing. That explained the spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry on Thursday the Russian state news agency Tass.


He responded thus to own say on 'reports in some Western media suggesting that American air raids contemplating on the submissions of the Syrian army. "We encourage our colleagues in Washington to think carefully about the consequences of their plans," said defense spokesman. Russia fears that Russian casualties in US attacks.

The Washington Post reported this week that the US government is discussing attacks against Syrian government targets but it is unlikely that they will soon take place. The Americans want to break the impasse on the bloody situation in Aleppo.

The United Nations Security Council is Friday at the request of Russia in emergency session. The meeting will be devoted to the situation in Syria. Following is the statement by UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura, who said to fear Thursday that 'eastern Aleppo completely destroyed at Christmas "is likely to be. De Mistura will explain his statement from Geneva in a video conference.

The United States and Russia stand for some time at odds because of the situation in Syria. The talks between the two countries on a cease-fire in Syria were suspended earlier this week after the largest hospital in the besieged Aleppo was completely destroyed in an air raid. Russia declared itself now willing to negotiate a proposal that France submitted to the UN Security Council. The resolution Paris wants to enforce a cease-fire in Aleppo and assistance to the needy population of the besieged town.

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