Parents angry over racist mnemonic in language app

Gepubliceerd op 7 oktober 2016 om 16:16

A practice sentence in an app using schoolchildren to learn foreign languages, has parents and students of the Gymnasium in Leiden shocked.


At the Latin word 'neglegere (neglect) was the example sentence "Negroes often neglect their children. The creators have defined today removed immediately, says the Leiden newspaper.

The app in question is called memrise. Users of the software can, as adding to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia is possible, self-phrases and mnemonics for words. Entries will be before they become part of the app, checked. Highly probable that failure by the word "neglegere.

Despite the challenged sentence School in Leiden wants to continue using the program. The company behind memrise was not available for comment tonight. The phrase has been deleted following a tip by email.

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