Police chief promised not to lay off cops suspect in case Henriquez

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Former police chief Gerard Bouman, the five officers involved in the death of Mitch Henriquez guaranteed that they would not be fired. The 'blue boss moreover turned the consequences of the decision to make it five out function back


This is evident from emails held by NRC, the police confirm the message. "This is extraordinary, and goes too far. As police chief you should never judge a walk for the feet, "said union president John Struijs of the NPB.

The 42-year-old Mitch Henriquez died on June 28, 2015 after he was arrested during a music festival in The Hague. Officers beat him on his nose, using a brace and pepper spray. Last month it was announced that the Prosecution will prosecute two of the five agents.

They would have used excessive force, and suspected of murder or manslaughter. The three other agents have not used violence according to justice which contributed to the death of Henriquez. Them falls or dereliction of duty to blame.

According to the internal police investigation, whose findings were also published Friday, four of the five agents have been guilty of serious dereliction of duty.

'Very concerned'

The death of the Aruban aroused much anger, and resulted in riots in the Hague Schilderswijk. The emails show that nearly three months after the death of police chief Henriquez Bouman was "very concerned" with the quintet and a number of firm commitments' did. After the death of the policemen outside Henriquez function were made by the Hague police chief Paul Musscher because they were in the eyes of the public prosecutor suspects.

The then chief of the National Police turned the consequences of their outer function theorem back so that the five officers were paid their full salary, and got back their politiepas. Moreover, he gave them the guarantee that they will keep their jobs. Bouman's statements were recorded by a team leader who was present at the conversation between Bouman and agents. The Delft team principal mailed a report to his agents: "Whatever happens, no one will be fired."

'A data'

Shortly after the commitments Gerard Bouman stepped on. The current police chief Erik Akerboom announces "Having taken note" of the promises of his predecessor. "And consider this as a given. Before him stands a careful further implementation of the procedures regarding the disciplinary and criminal process centrally, "said a spokesman. She does not prejudge the question of what will make the current police chief and the two officers convicted by the court. It is also unclear what the consequences of the internal investigation. Later this year, the Hague police will decide what disciplinary action will be taken against the officers who have neglected their duty 'serious'. The agent only dereliction of duty is alleged, for him is "a working environment 'within the police wanted.

According to NPB leader Jan Struijs Bouman should never do his statements. The officers involved in the death of Henriquez sit at home since then. According Struijs they feel "displaced and lost." 'Bouman was a police chief in question. And it is important that an employer supports his people, which he says he stands by them to the discretion of the court. But there is a difference between support and give false hope. Moreover, he gives the impression of bias. "

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Minister Ard van der Steur (Security and Justice) called the promise to the officers involved in the fatal arrest of Mitch Henriquez 'unusual'. He would not say whether the commitment made by former police chief Gerard Bouman that the agents would not receive dismissal was appropriate.

According to Van der Steur, he can only 'at the end of the day' assess the significance of the promise has been and what the final effects. That's only once all investigations have been completed. "

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