Venlo alderman departs at dangerous parking

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That was a shock for residents and visitors to Venlo last week when she heard how dangerous it was in Roermond garage gate. However, the garage remained open until last Friday. Wednesday is the responsible alderman resigned.


"If no action is taken, there is short-term (within one year) a very serious risk for health and safety", researchers warned already in 2014 in a research report. 'For example, the emergence of more and larger cracks, the falling down of loose concrete pieces and the creation of very large skew. "

Yet the dilapidated garage remained open until last Friday. Only when the town council decided to close the garage "because of the structural condition and the risks to safety." Since then, the Limburg town previously went though an unsafe parking garage close, under the spell of 'the parking soap. According to the Limburg broadcaster L1 parkers in the Roermond Gate recent years' possibly escaped a disaster. "

What went wrong? That is now being investigated by the town clerk. Responsible alderman Henk Brauer (Venlo Bald) Wednesday resigned. He denies that he withheld information, but acknowledges that he has not acted adequately. "I have failed to solve the problem in a timely manner," he says. Also, two officials in question are laid off pending the investigation.

According to the councilor resigned he gave it commissioned in 2014 to officials in response to the critical report writing a lecture proposal for a plan of action. But that never happened. "I have not sat back and that's to blame me," said Brauer, whose only excuse for this argues that he was "young and inexperienced".

The report remained in the drawer of the responsible alderman and never reached the College of B & W. Mayor Antoin Scholten (VVD) suspects that the alderman's just forget it. in a letter to the council Scholten the parking lot rather closed and was demolished and the college have been informed.

According to the college's building structure was be checked regularly, as the researchers had advised, and it remained ever 'just within the norm. " But this monitoring does not indicate loose concrete chunks, which can lead to "serious bodily injury or property damage," as the researchers warned.

"What is clear is snowed under, so we must unfortunately note, the risk to safety and health," writes Mayor Scholten. "By falling pieces of concrete could be at risk people and cars could be damaged." He thinks that omission 'extremely painful' and mentions the resignation of the responsible alderman "a wise decision".

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