Fourteen 'dirty restaurants' still published by RTL Nieuws

Gepubliceerd op 7 oktober 2016 om 16:55

The fourteen 'dirty restaurants "that aanspanden a lawsuit against RTL Nieuws now yet published in the list of' dirty restaurants. The judge stated RTL Nieuws in the same.


RTL News published a report with the restaurants that were under surveillance by the Dutch Food and Goods Authority (NVWA

Fourteen of the under surveillance restaurants objected to the court because they would suffer reputational damage among the publication. The remaining 172 'dirty restaurants "have already brought out. RTL Nieuws awaited the outcome of the lawsuit before the fourteen restaurants were added to the list. That's happened yet.

The judicial process took disadvantageous for the restaurants, the judge ruled that the interests of transparency is more important to consumers than the image damage that might be a restaurant. Thirteen of the fourteen litigants restaurants specialized in Asian cuisine.

Thursday the House meets on whether inspections would not automatically made public. Minister Schippers sees little merit in there and just want to publish the summary of the report. Moreover, the report of the NVWA dates from 2015. It is possible that the kitchen has now been considerably improved.

By Editors Volkskrant / RTL News Photo: Thinkstock

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