Devastating hurricane Matthew already requires 877 lives

Gepubliceerd op 8 oktober 2016 om 11:05

According to local authorities, the number of deaths in Haiti by Hurricane Matthew risen to 877. This could be established, because now it is clear that in certain remote villages 175 people were killed by natural disasters.


The devastating storm has left almost nothing of the country. Tens of thousands of Haitians homeless and was once an outbreak of cholera in some places. This disease took already prevailed in 2010, when the country was faced with severe earthquakes. Cholera can spread quickly in such a disaster, because the victims of the natural disasters from wells joint water supply, writes The Guardian.

Counted from that outbreak six years ago, there are 800,000 Haitians infected by the infectious disease. Nine of them are deceased. It is crucial that as soon as possible, clean and safe water is brought to the disaster area.

For days, broken bones

But this is difficult because the storm has lumped the entire infrastructure of the country. Clinics in rural areas have their hands full with wounded who sometimes walk around for days with broken bones or other wounds. Because the roads are flooded, rescuers can reach some places difficult.

Residents are therefore particularly dependent on each other for help. "My house was destroyed, so I catch people. It's just a temporary shelter, "says Bellony Amazan from the city Cavaillon, where about twelve people were killed. In addition, Airbnb also used to people left homeless by providing storm shelter.
The authorities are still more than 61,000 people in shelters.

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