Woman left starving dog wins case is released

Gepubliceerd op 8 oktober 2016 om 11:19

Big fuss in West Cumbria, England. A woman who was sentenced to prison because she left her dog almost dying of hunger, has won the appeal and immediate release, reports ITV News Border.


The woman (32) was last month sentenced to imprisonment after her dog Charlie, a Lurcher, emaciated and starving was found on an industrial estate. An inspector from the animal described Charlie as the leanest dog he ever saw in his life had. When the dog was found, he lived probably about a month without food or water in the industrial area.

The owner of the dog, which also has a nursery school, she denied that Charlie might be suffering unnecessarily, but was found guilty and put fixed for 126 days. In addition, the woman must never in her life have a pet.

The woman appealed against the imprisonment and with success: the court concluded that her punishment was disproportionate 'and found that little attention was paid to the fact that the woman had a busy family life with her four children and the effect that it on her life.

Eventually detained the woman ten days.
After the court ruling she was immediately released.

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