30,000 people per week say no to donor

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The new donorwet, which was adopted by one vote last month by the House, calls from the start violent reactions. Many Dutch people find that they are always in control of their own bodies and the new law is in conflict with this law.


This resistance is good to see the number of people per week "no" to the donor. That according to Trouw 30,000 per week. In September, registered 67 647 people to complete 'no'. And 22 470 others that first "yes" were completed, believe changed, there is now a 'no'.

For the new donorwet was passed in the House, some fifty Dutch left a day 'no' register by name. Whether the new law thus has the desired effect, is still questionable. The proposal must be approved by the Senate, but if they vote for everyone automatically donors in the Netherlands.
From yes to no

Many donors that first "yes" had stood, found it absurd that this proposal was adopted. In September showed figures from the Ministry of Health all the nearly 4,500 people who had registered withdrew their consent in the donor registry. There are now added nearly 18,000.

Internet circulated directly guides on how you yourself can easily "defend against the authorities' ie: make sure you are not an organ donor. That choice is still easy to show on the website of the government.


Now it is so that people who do not register can be no donor. With the new law, you must register correctly if you want to donate any organs after death. According to the Ministry of Health there are in the Netherlands about nine million people not registered in the donor registry. They would all have to be a donor unless they (just like 30,000 other people a week) to register a 'no'.

Three million donors

At present, some three million people full consent for organ donation. In addition, about 750,000 people are there in the registry that will give a limited number of body parts.
The law is therefore aims to bring that number up considerably.

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