Police warns of phishing via PostNL-mail

Gepubliceerd op 8 oktober 2016 om 13:08

In England, many victims of a phishing email that appears to come from the company, reports RTV Noord-Holland: Lately less fun messages are sent on behalf of PostNL.


The emails look very good, with PostNL logo in the mail. In the email, the message that the person who missed him open a packet of PostNL deliveryman. Then email reports helpful that you can still pick up the package at a post office nearby.

The link that you must click then installs ransomware, which can, according to the police warns of the emails in your personal files. The only thing that works against the ransomware is paying ransom.

Due to the fact that the police will report more often this mail, they advise you to look closely at the sender of e-mails that arrive. But who clicked the link should not pay all, but do report to the police.

By Editors Metro News Photo: Reuters

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