Campaign officials must eliminate vague language

Gepubliceerd op 8 oktober 2016 om 13:17

Do you find letters from the municipality often unclear? You're not the only one. The city of Utrecht has even started a campaign to put an end to the incomprehensible language that state officials in their letters.


The "I can beter' campaign calls on the commune inhabitants to return indistinct letters NOS writes 3.

Playful action

The alderman's campaign calls a playful action. The letters are returned, be included in his internal training. "We also go to the letter writer, to see how he can improve it."

It is not that the municipality receives complaints daily, but there must be a result of the comments may enter or be addressed, says Geldof.

"You have to crawl into the minds of the residents to explain everything. Some officials it that great, but others remain too much stuck in the policy language.
This should encourage them to write more understandable. "

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