Lianne (28) looking for a donor through Facebook for fiancee

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Lianne Altena (28) has launched a special search on Facebook: find she hopes stem cell donors.


Not only for her friend Peter Moes (32), which is waiting for a donor because of acute leukemia, but also for other patients.

Lianne founded the Facebook page Stamcelfie, where she makes an emotional appeal for a stem cell donor. "Not only Peter, but thousands of people are told every year that they have a cancer of the blood and a stem cell transplant can save their lives. Unfortunately, there is a great shortage of stem cell donors, and that's pretty crazy because the whole process is actually very simple, "said Lianne on the page.

Peter and Lianne came in May this year had a daughter together. Five weeks later, Peter was told he had leukemia, which he set world completely upside down, Lianne tells Tubantia. Peter got chemo, but can only be better by stem cell transplantation. And a suitable donor has not been found yet.

Although Peter his blood soon be compared via a global database with donors over the world, there is still a chance of about 20 to 30 percent that there is no appropriate donor is between. Therefore Lianne will continue campaigning.

In the Netherlands, a shortage of stem cell donors, which Minister Edith Schippers began in August with foundation Matchis: a campaign to recruit stem cell donors. Lianne hopes that the Facebook page encouraging people to become a stem cell donor through Matchis. There is only needed a suitable match in order to save lives, including the lives of her Peter.

Lianne has hopes that will be fine. "The hospital assumes that Peter can fully recover.
We therefore remain positive. "

By Metro News Editorial Photo: Facebook Stamcelfie

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