Lawyers allow clients to pay for the toilet

Gepubliceerd op 8 oktober 2016 om 16:47

Hiring a lawyer is not exactly a cheap affair. Only some law firms seem quite separate ways declare to keep after.


For example, the client pays at Nabarro of the international office simply by being the advocate as to the bathroom.

The website Rollo Friday has been handed the internal policy of the office. It shows that customers have to pay for all short breaks from their lawyer. "Short breaks must be declared until six minutes on the client you're working for. This is because you are still thinking about the specific case. "

Not unique

Lawyers have now confirmed that the way Nabarro declares is by no means unique in the world lawyers. The most expensive commercial London law firms allow their clients to pay 1,000 pounds per hour. This means that costs a puddle or a cup of coffee in six minutes 100 pounds.

In conversation with The Daily Mail some lawyers dare anonymously give a glimpse of shady practices. "I know a lawyer who had paid for the time he spent in the bathroom while he thought on the matter," said one. Another says: "We do it all.
A bit of wandering between the copier and coffee and then subsequently declare. "

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