Hard applications in filthy second debate

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"His children," managed to bring out Hillary Clinton when she was asked after a half hour arguing, she appreciates her opponent. "They are talented and dedicated, that says something about Donald Trump."


What that says exactly Trump, that Clinton no longer went in. It was the nicest thing they could think about the man who thirty minutes earlier law said in her face that she has "a huge amount of hate in her heart. Before that Trump had already promised to put her in jail if he is elected.

The second debate between Clinton and Trump was a "town hall meeting" in which ordinary people could ask questions to the candidates. Advance has been speculated that Trump 'nuclear' would go after the leaked video in which he said he can seize women with impunity in their crotch.

He did indeed. Trump gave Sunday even a special press conference in which he took three women to accuse Bill Clinton of rape and sexual assault. "Donald Trump may have said some bad things, but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton has threatened me, '' said Juanita Broaddrick, in late 90s claimed that Clinton satisfy strip to her in 1978. That accusation is admittedly never proven to be true, but never as untrue.

Broaddrick was invited by Donald Trump during the debate in the hall and the atmosphere was to cut. Clinton and Donald Trump gave each other before they started a hand. Trump then could not wait to throw mud on the woman past Bill. And a half hour flying accusations toward Clinton. "They should be ashamed that they are attacking me things I just told you."

And began to work visible after 25 minutes. ,, We can never talk about the things that really matter, "Clinton sighed. "Yes, you want so you do not have to answer this question," Trump snapped back. "Where are all your deleted emails?"

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