In an election you have to win souls

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This column is not complete, because I could not do any research required. That's because Wilders has blocked me for no reason on Twitter: it may sound insignificant, but does that mean I can not read what he shares on his main mouthpiece of the people.


Now the Internet is here -yet- not censored by the state as in China or North Korea. If I want to watch a cartoon in the Netherlands, Wilders and Mao dancing naked around a campfire, I'm not black screen. That may simply not that I am arrested. But while our condition by now almost all can see what is happening on our Internet, I can now major political riots though not follow.

 I may not even know what Wilders as our future prime minister, if it is to his own ambitions, plans with our country. There tomorrow on his Twitter that he calls his voters massively to drop all criminal third-generation Turks and Moroccans by their kneecaps, I would find it pleasant and democratically in order to prepare for me there mentally. But Twitter blockade is already making it impossible to be informed as a journalist and citizen participation in public debate.

If already come dozens of blocks on my Twitter timeline, I conclude that there are tons Dutch Geert Wilders be preventively excluded from the tweets that should lead to his premiership.

A clever tactic if you want power but no responsibility. It works like a fantasy world in a schoolyard. Mark Rutte is totally afraid to hear not there, and monkey in his election campaign after the exclusion of Wilders.

With 'pleur on "our prime minister kicked his souls-win-tour off in Zomergasten, but last week he even finally came out of the closet:" Third-generation Turks and Moroccans who have trouble with our country must make a decision: I want stay here "Mark keeps his two election-A4 sheet's reply:" Time to look for another place. "

Fortunately, my ancestors Algerian and I may still hold the conditional freedom of expression.

With language alone, more and more groups are deprived of rights. According to the dictionary is the word "representative of the people 'no' dictator 'meant, but according to Mark and Geert politicians may choose which people they want to represent, and especially what folk.

A game that only exists through something against his, exists when the "enemy" once defeated altogether. In the schoolyard of Mark and Geert is no real profit potential.

Let us on Twitter and elsewhere lead by example what optimism and vision concerns and vote on adults.

Elections are won by who wins the most souls, not by who excludes most souls.

By Metro News Editorial Photo: Metro News

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